Lovers in Barcelona. Photoshoot in Ciutadella Park (Parc de la Ciutadella)

It was one hour before sunset. There was faint smell of rain but we had time… 

I had just arrived in Barcelona from Perth, Western Australia.

This was my first visit to Spain and my first trip flying solo. I was in Europe to shoot one of my first international weddings in the South of France (you will have to read my next blog for those details).

I had two full days in Barcelona before I had to catch the train to Beizers, France.  I wasn’t going to waste a second!  

Introducing Oz & Ferron.

Prior to coming to Spain, I had hooked up this magical shoot with Oz and Ferron.

Two lovers who met at one of Oz’s burlesque shows and who wanted images to represent them and their love to each other. They both arrived dressed in beautiful plaid suits and handmade button holes for the occasion.

We started in Ciutadella Park (Parc de la Ciutadella) where we took most of our images by Cascada Monumental, a stunning fountain that overlooks most of the park.

The light was magical.

We then strolled to other parts of the park and slowly made our ways to the ally’s of Born.

We then stopped for a drink and shelter from a summer shower.  The streets were becoming quiet as peak hour ceased. 

After a traditional tapas dinner (it was my first time in Spain!!!) we walked back to my hotel and grabbed these sneaky intimate images that these two will treasure forever.

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