Celeste & Thibaut, My French Adventure

South of France in June.  Just stunning!  I honestly think any time in France would be incredible but this trip was truly magical.  But how did I get there? you might ask.  It all happen over making a coffee and meeting an old acquaintance who said that his daughter was getting married to a frenchman.

So, from Barcelona to Beizers, France via train I headed towards another experience of a life time.  I get picked up from the train station by familiar faces, whisked off to the flower shop where Celeste (bride), her mum and grandma picked flowers for the bouquets (Celestes grandma was a florist from way back).  Now to Thibauts grandmothers house,  we are to pick ivy & rosemary for the tables and greenery for the bouquets .  It came very clear right from the beginning this was going to be an family affair. 

Back in the van with luggage,  buckets of flowers and now, nine people in total.  We were the Aussie contingency for this wedding of 70 guests.  Note to self: make sure googlemaps is on “car” not “bike” this made an interesting ride home…

I honestly couldnt believe I was in FRANCE!

The next morning was a bustle of excitement.  Champagne (real champagne) and the best croissants I have ever tasted for breakfast. I travel to the grooms residence where Thibaut and his mates were drinking coffee and nursing their heads from the night before.

Back at the chateau, Celeste’s grandma was making up the bouquets, her two sisters were doing Celeste’s makeup and nails.  The whole household was is a whirl of activity.  Celeste’s grandma brought out a family heirloom, a satin slipper, made and given to her at her wedding from Celeste’s great grandmother with a coin dated the year she was married.  So we rummaged around to find a euro with the date 2017.

With cans rattling behind our cars we arrived at the Civic Centre or Town Hall of Beizer. Seventy family and guests rolled into the town hall to watch this joyous occasion of Celeste and Thibaut’s union.  Everyone cheered once they were announced husband and wife.  On the steps there were confetti guns and VB beer.

After the ceremony we traveled to a local park.  I thought it was going to be an intimate gathering of family and close friends…to my surprise and that of the brides, all seventy guests followed in convey, hooting their car horns all the way of the 20min journey (a french tradition)

Once we completed the formal family shots, the bridal party strolled around the park for me to capture some truly amazing images.  We then traveled back to the local Rugby Club for the reception.  Now being Australian, we can party pretty hard…I wasn’t prepared for the French.  Woa!  They can party!

Thibaut’s Auntie catered the reception from the “grappa” to the cake.  There were speeches, dancing, bouquet throwing, sparklers and a lot of champagne and love.

This is just a sample of a truly magical day and 12 hours of shooting.  I feel so blessed to be able to be apart it.  Thank you Orr family. xx

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