3 hot tips to help pick your wedding photographer

When you hire an experienced wedding photographer, you aren’t just paying someone to be a warm body to click the camera. You are paying for the experience. Their experience shooting weddings and THE overall experience from start to finish. Your wedding day is going to be filled with amazing moments, emotions and don’t forget those little imperfect moments too…one of those imperfect moments should NOT be worrying about your wedding photographer.

1. Have a clear idea of the STYLE you like.

This will help you narrow down the selection of photographers. Are you attracted to more traditional photography, posed images and pretty smiles at the camera? Do you prefer a documentary feel where the photographer goes unnoticed with no posed images? Is a candid style that captures the big emotions and little details to tell the story of the entire day your preference?

2. Get to know your photographer.

Do your personalities mesh well? Your photographer is going to spend a greater chunk of the day with you…. make sure you can tolerate them and maybe even like them. 😉 It’s your wedding day. Pick someone who’s work you are drawn to. I love getting to know each of my clients better — doing this creates great rapport which is actually important when creating images filled with REAL emotion. When you look at a photo, I want you to feel something.

3. Ask them to see a real wedding.

It’s ok. Don’t be shy. It’s easy to post the best of the best on social media or share amazing stylized images from a stylized shoot working with amazing vendors (so every images is picture perfect) but what about those real moments and real couples? Ask to see a full gallery of a real wedding and your photographer will happily share.

Bonus tip: Once you have narrowed down your photographer, hire them for a “test” run and book an engagement session. This is a great way to spend a couple hours with them and see if your personalities mesh, you feel comfortable spending hours with them on your wedding day and you get great images you love. Win, win! This is extra helpful if either of you are camera shy as it will help you be more relaxed on your wedding day. If you are eloping, many couples choose not to have an engagement session and that is ok too. You can opt to meet your photographer for a coffee or safely via Zoom (thanks, Covid) for an opportunity to chat and get comfortable with them.

Thanks for reading. I hope these tips have helped. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions at all. 2022 Booking are now open!!

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