Yep, I'm human!

About Me

Hi, I’m Kerry, I’m a romantic, easy going creative. I love seeing the world through my lens, and am at my happiest when I am photographing love.

I am an Accredited Professional Photographer, with seven years of experience. I photograph with Canon, have two cameras and a range of top quality lenses with me at all weddings, to ensure that every moment is perfectly captured.

My favourite weddings have been with adventurous souls. I am a fan of the hand made, heirloom, and personal touches at weddings. Always looking for  family connections, that are so precious and unique to each family. 

Understanding that there is no mould for the perfect wedding, I celebrate the quirky and special touches you put on your day. 

I love boho, rockabilly, vintage (including grandparents!) dogs in bow ties, and love that is wild and free from conventions.

I will be the calming influence, the one that ensures you get a drink or a bit to eat, Ill keep every thing rolling to time. Plus fantastic images that you will treasure.

If it sounds like I am a good fit for you, let’s meet up for a coffee or a wine.  Two of my favourite things :-)



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